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recovered ACAD files invalid.How to reconstruct invalid .DWG files?

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  • recovered ACAD files invalid.How to reconstruct invalid .DWG files?

    Hello ! About a month ago the HDD (wd7500bpkt) of my Acer 7750G laptop decided to teach me a lesson about backing up data and not putting all the information on the same data storage device no matter how reliable the classic HDD has become. The hdd failed and I tried to fix it with a recovery software and damaged it even further. I took it to a data recovery firm and they managed to recover some data but most of it is non usable(I am referring to .dwg files). The following message appears when I attempt to open a damaged .dwg file: "Drawing file is not valid" However, the file amounts to 1177 KB* which, to me, means that the file contains information but with missing bits; those missing bits may be interpolated using those that are intact as I don't think the .dwg file is encrypted with random sequences that can not be predicted(*that is roughly the same size it had prior to the failure). I found [MOD EDIT] but have not tried it yet. Has anyone tried repairing a damaged .dwg file and was successful in doing so ?What was the procedure, what software has been used? Thank you !
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      If you have used a professional data recovery company and you still can't open your "recovered" files then I think you will need to draw new ones.

      If you have a HDD fail the most important thing to do is NOT use the drive. Make an image using either a software or hardware cloning device and try data recovery, NOT a drive repair, on the cloned HDD that is connected to a different machine. If you have had a head crash then you chance are likely close to nil at any recovery unless you are willing to spend $$$$$thousands on a site that runs a clean room.

      For future reference, if your data is important then store it in at least TWO different physical locations in addition to the device you are working the file on. I keep my financials on THREE backups plus the working machine. I have had occasion once to lose 3 out of the 4 backup copies. Failed HDD (lost the working copy and backup on a different partition), corrupt backup, corrupted Floppy Disk (it was some time ago) but the Server backup was still good. It just goes to show that you can never be paranoid enough.

      olegbrain, I know this doesn't help your present situation but it may help others who may browse by this missive.

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