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  • Cal's

    Hi all ,

    i have a server with SBS2000 that uses as my DC and Exchange and another server with Server2003 Standart edition and SQL2000 installed on it.

    the server 2003 uses for Database server (sql) only.

    for the DC (SBS2000) i have exact amounmt of cals, but for the Sql server i need to understand:

    case of 30 users.

    i need 30 Cals for Server 2003 + 30 Cals for Sql 2000 or because it uses for Sql only i need to buy the 30 Sql2000 Cals and be relaxed about lincening. ?

    please let me know , i dont want to buy Cals for nothing... (cost alot )


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    Re: Cal's

    Please verify this with your licencing salesfolk at microsoft, but here is what I think you need ..
    Your SBS server has 30 clients on it - these clients are running SBS Cals - which inyour case (2000) would be floppy disk based.
    Your users actually log in to the SBS box, and it's (effectively) the SBS box that logs into the 2003 server. Now 2003 is 'above' 2000 therefore you'll need 1 2003 CAL for this link, and you'll need one sql cal.
    I'm fairly certain my info is corect here, as this is similar to a question an recent microsoft licencing exam I had.
    Research it a bit more, and if I'm correct, you may save a lot of money.


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      Re: Cal's

      just another thought for you - as you have sbs2000, you are already licenced to use sql2000, the difference between std and premium only came about in sbs2003 ...