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Laptop Issue

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  • Laptop Issue

    Hello everyone.
    Could someone give me an idea of what could possibly be the issue with a laptop I am trying to resolve. I have searched Google and Dell's online KB, but have come up empty handed thusfar.

    Here are the details:
    Dell Inspiron 8000, PIII 850 256RAM
    (No longer under warranty)
    When pressing the power button, the power light, hard drive light and other lights will flash on for about 2 seconds and it sounds like the hard drive spinning up and then the entire system shuts-off by itself.

    I have disconnected the battery and tried booting-up using AC only, and then using only the battery and not AC, and I get the same results. I even swapped the memory from bank1 to bank2 and tried booting via AC and battery and the laptop keeps shutting off by itself.

    I am suspecting either the power supply or processor may be bad.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?