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Chrome not loading certain websites - ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

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  • Chrome not loading certain websites - ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

    Ok so this is a very odd one so here goes...

    This is on a enterprise network so multiple switches, servers etc not a small network.

    We have recently started to experience an issue within Chrome when trying to access certain websites such as Microsoft, Facebook, Daily Mail, Argos if we go through the proxy we get a Zero Sized Reply and bypassing the proxy we get ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error in Chrome.

    Now this is where it gets odd, if on the same PC I open a Chrome Incognito, Firefox, IE I am able to access the sites absolutely fine.

    Our firewall provider can not see any issues, our ISP have looked, and there is no issue with routing to the internet, this we accept as other browsers work, if was a routing issue then it would not work on any browser.

    So any idea what I can look at, change, test?

    I have tried different versions of Chrome, Canary, used external DNS servers, reinstalled Chrome. Some users have said clearing the cache and settings seem to work for a short time then stops working.

    We have put Wireshark on with filter of http and if I try in the other browsers, can see traffic, if try in Chrome we get no traffic at all in Wireshark on HTTP.

    This is utterly bizarre, there is no rhyme nor reason to this

    Please help


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    When we had this issue I configured the forwarders on the domain's DNS servers with the IP addresses of our ISP's DNS servers. It was a strange one - as you say, only certain sites were affected. Once the forwarders were configured everything worked fine.
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      Thanks for that, I will give that a go over the weekend.

      I do know when I set my PC local DNS to point to our ISP DNS that did not resolve the issue.

      But will give your idea a go