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    There are now umpteen WiFi printers on the market but none appear to have the sense to explain if they also have the standard port for a USB cable, as I have two desktop PCs neither of which have Wifi installed. Can we assume all the manufacturers such as HP have had the sense to include a USB port? I have had no luck trying to ask HP this, and as usual all I get is silly FAQs

    It seem to install a Wifi dongle on my desktops etc. would cost as much as a new printer.

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    Check the specs for the actual model you are looking at, but I would expect all to include USB as well as WiFi
    As an example, the cheapest HP I found:
    has (see detailed specifications) USB 2.0, wired Ethernet and WiFi
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      Yes - I think that that all Wi-Fi capable printers are also able to be physically connected to a computer. But - note that when you order a printer make sure you order a USB cable to use with it as well. The cables usually use a standard A plug connection (from your computer) to a standard B plug connection (on the printer). Check the printer guide before ordering.

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        Thanks I already have a couple of the special Printer USB cables. I am using one on my ancient HP Deskjet 6122 where there is no drivers for Win 7 or 8.1. It took me years to realize it was an alternative to the old Centronics cable, so I can use for text with Win 7 and 8.1 using the Windows Generic Text Driver.