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All Documents didn't match using Lotus Notes

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  • All Documents didn't match using Lotus Notes

    I have a problem on my notes, when I try to go to View then All Document, I only see 80 documents., but when I go to file, database, properties and go to info tab, I see 2717 documents. My database size is 300 MB and Im sure that with my 80 mail documents it will no pass 150 MB size., it seems that there are hidden mails. Can anyone help me?


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    Moved to Misc Forum as this is not an Office issue.
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      No hidden emails. The count in the database properties includes deletion stubs and design elements. Deletion stubs will stay in the database for a period of time to make sure that the deletions take place in replica copies of your mail file. To recover as much diskspace as possible, click the Compact button next to the document count. It takes a few minutes and then you should see the 300 MB number go down. You email administrators should be running Compact and Fixup on mail files on the server on a weekly basis.
      see here: