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Service To Capture OutputDebugString

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  • Service To Capture OutputDebugString

    Many of you who work with server apps probably know about DebugView, the SysInternals tool that became part of MS.

    Wonderful little program, but with one glaring omission:

    To log the debug output to disk you have to run it from a logged in user session.

    Does anyone know of a way to essentially do the same thing, but via a service, so that I can log all debug text output to disk even while not logged in?

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    Re: Service To Capture OutputDebugString

    you may install Windows Resource Kit and create your own service with any executable program


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      Re: Service To Capture OutputDebugString

      Yeah. Tried that using INSTSRV.EXE, but the created service (basically a wrapper around DebugView) failed to start.

      I've since gone and written my own service in C# using Visual Studio 2010 that hooks into the debug stream, but it doesn't seem to pick up as many of them as the sysinternals program does.

      Ho hum.

      Still looking for a proper way to log OutputDebugString to a file as a service.