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    Thanks all for viewing my question. What i am looking for is an OCR software that can take a field or predetermined data (IE-date, State, site number,) and automatically pull it out of a document as a pdf and have it save to a network share automatically. i have been looking at Abby OCR and lucian tech. has anyone ever came across this?


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    No - I have been looking into this for several months. The closest I have come across is software that will save a document containing certain identifying text to a dedicated folder, but not anything that will extract data from several different documents and then collect that into a new file and save it. Autostore and eCopy, were two that I have heard about.

    It is also worth finding out if the solution you will use requires proprietary software. One solution offered to me required a yearly license: No license - no access to the OCR store. I have been assured that the document index that Autostore and eCopy create can be accessed without a requirement for a license.
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      Thanks Blood, it appears we are trying to find a needle in a haystack.. I have looked at Abby , and its the only one i can find close enough to perform the functions i need.