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Dialup Fax modem issues & diagnostics...?

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  • Dialup Fax modem issues & diagnostics...?

    Morning all,

    I have a bit of a strange question here. We have a fax number redirect to a BT PSTN fax line using a Gamma Telecom service called 'My Inbound'. If I send a fax to the BT PSTN number it is received without any problems. If I send a fax to the 'My Inbound' number it is redirected fine but it will then not connect properly.

    Now, if I listen to the calls there is an extra 'beep' on the 'My Inbound' line about 5 seconds after the call is picked up. I can only assume this is some sort of call redirect tone, I have talked to BT and Gamma but so got nowhere as both companies are denying any fault and blame each other. To be honest I'm not sure they actually understand what I'm talking about.

    So, question is: Has anyone had any similar issues in the past or does anyone know of any modem diagnostic software that can output in real time and tell me exactly what the modems are doing...? I'm hoping to be able to work out what this tone is and where it is generated.

    Hope that makes sense...

    Many thanks


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    Well, the My Inbound number is controlled by Gamma Telecom. Have they set this up in your office? If so, they need to send an engineer out so that they can test this. Ask them to send their bills via your My Inbound service - they'll soon sort it out when you they realise you are not receiving them.

    Regardless - Gamma Telecom must have a way of testing the connection. It's the testing of the line after it enters your office that matters and they are responsible for that. They can test up to your office, but only an engineer can test the comms inside your office (or so I would assume).
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