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  • NAV Realtime protection

    Norton Server Antivirus ver 8 problem.

    real time protection stop working, server and clients... all other work fine.
    (updates, scanning ect)

    anyone have ida what can cause that ?

    i have two servers and it happend only on one of them with his clients, the other works fine.

    p.s , resent dosent help.

    any ida anybody?

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    Re: NAV Realtime protection

    i have played a wile ago with a NAV server and there was a place where you can configure client settings... like updates, real time protection, bla bla maybe some 1 changed there a value? and disabled real time protection.
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      Re: NAV Realtime protection

      Uninstall and then reinstall SAV will get Resident Protection working again. Don't know why it stops working, never had time to look into it. Could be a virus or code on a web page deactivating it.
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