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  • Computer Deployment

    I am in the beginning steps of starting a computer deployment at my job (first deployment for me) I have already setup ghost and have all of the steps in place to push out the image. What I am looking for is some documentation on building the images for my computers. What I really looking for is the post OS steps, such as additional software to install, preparing the OS (2000 & XP) such as user restrictions and so forth, and any additional information that I may be forgetting. Any help on this one


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    Bit of an outdated post but no has answered as yet!

    Look at this site for info on deploying MS products "en-mass"

    But the best advice I can give you is make the build as generic as possbile!
    No IP address

    Flush all caches

    No user details in any form in the build

    Use the admin kits for Office and IE (if your using IE and Office of course)

    AND USE SYSPREP!!!!!!!!

    I thankyou.....
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