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  • Performance Monitoring tool

    Dear Friends,

    I am poor in server housekeeping, health checkup etc..,

    Kindly please guide me some one, how to user Performance Monitoring tool to analyses server's health.

    How to create the counters alerts and trace logs, what are the parameters to add?

    After creating the counters how to analyze them?

    How to determine the threshold size?

    Is there any tutorials for this like train signal kind of? Need to step wise guidance.

    Donít want third party tools help in this regard. Want to use only built in tools to accomplish this task.

    I am always struck here, if there are questions from the performance monitoring?

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    Re: Performance Monitoring tool

    Use the Search function Luke.

    chigurusetty, Seach the Forums (used the Advanced option) and you should find what you want.
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      Re: Performance Monitoring tool

      You should purchase a relevant book on the topic or do a search for "server performance Monitoring".
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