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Sharepoint Services 3 editting.

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  • Sharepoint Services 3 editting.

    I feel kind of stupid, but I'm making a wiki page on Sharepoint. Wich is terrible to edit, so I guess I'm doing something wrong. So I had a few questions.

    How do I actually edit page content in Sharepoint Designer 2007. I can only edit the main page layout but never the content?
    And how do I make css apply only to my content and not to the Sharepoint structure?
    Why does Sharepoint designer prefer XHTML when SPS3 turns it to non-XHTML rubbish, and how do I stop SPS3 crapping up my code?

    It seems like something that is supposed to be easy to use somehow got real ugly for me.

    Any pointers?

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    Re: Sharepoint Services 3 editting.

    With sharepoint designer, I tend to find the easiest way is to set SharePoint designer as your default HTML editing program. You then browse to the page you want to edit in explorer and select File, Edit with SharePoint designer.

    The page you are editing consists of two pages. By default, you will be editing the content part of the page. The master page includes the area to the left and at the top, where the links to other areas of SharePoint are located.

    With regards to editing the content, providing you have been granted the appropriate permissions, the content is edited via the List or Document Library that the web part is linked to. The content on the page are within web parts. Web parts link to a SharePoint list, document library and so on. To view these, you can View All Site Content and edit the content there or use links accessible on the Master page area.

    Wiki pages will contain the items in a SharePoint List.

    You are best to do In Browser editing to remove, alter, configure and add web parts. To access this mode, if you have the permissions, you would select the Site Actions menu (top right) and select Edit Page. When you select the web part to edit, the editing options will appear on the right handside.

    With regards to CSS, I would recommend googling that. There are some good tutorials around. I tend to copy the current CSS file from within SharePoint Designer and then as you change fonts etc, it will automatically be included in your own CSS that you can apply to other sites in the future.