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  • Quick Launch Menu > How Do I Undo Sort-By-Name

    I recently did a scratch rebuild on my system (described below). During the build process, I chose to have the Quick Launch Menu (QLM) sorted by name. Now I would like to Undo that and have the items listed as per XP's default No-Sort.

    For instance, I have a folder in the QLM that contains links to 10 different utils all to do with the registry. This folder appears first in the QLM taskbar area. While I can use Ctrl + LeftClick to list this folder's link contents as a popup menu rather than opening the folder (kinda neat in itself), it's my preference to have the folder appear further up in the menu stack.

    I've extensively searched the registry looking for a key/value. There are many keys to do with menus, but not the QLM that I can determine. A seacrh in my registry for 'menu' returns 468 keys, 131 values and 172 data matches. I'm a novice when it comes to hacking the registry, but not afraid of it either.

    I've also been all over the net looking for a solution. My observation is that everyone wants to alpha sort their (Start) menus and it seems some have quite a problem doing this, even with tweaker tools. For whatever reason I cannot get search returns specific to the QLM No-Sort - it always ends up as an alpha-sort Start Menu solution.

    I did come across a piece of software that would do this tweak, but it came with a ton of other overhead I do not want, nor need, nor did it specifically say it would work with folders in the QLM.

    I've also downloaded some reg hacks labeled variously but similar to 'Return Menu Sort to Default', viewed the file but they are all to do with Explorer. One from Kelly's Korner was just such a tweak and I edited the value to zero and imported it, no change to the QLM, nor did I think there would be. Guess I was getting desperate

    In my way of thinking, if XP's QLM default is No-Sort, and I can change that to Sort, there must be a way to Undo the change. I deleted desktop.ini from the QLM. That did not work either.

    So, I'm stumped!

    It's hard for me to believe I'm the only one who likes to have their menus arranged according to their own preferences, grouped by function, need or reason, sorted and not, and so on.

    If there's anyone who knows how to solve this, or whether it is even possible, I'd sure appreciate the help. This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I think I've spent more time hunting for a solutuion to this than it took for me to scratch build the system

    - - -

    Sys Info:
    My system is a 1.7Ghz/256GB DDR Ram Intel WhiteBox about 5 years old running XpPro/SP2, all critical updates, 2 hard drives (40GB & 80GB slave), an LG Multi-DVD (master), a CD burner + a 3.5" floppy. The primary partition load is under 3GB and includes all the software I use on a regular basis, including online security utils. It's a super stable system.