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User password management

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  • User password management

    I would like to do away with keeping a list of everyone's passwords and make the users choose their own passwords, etc. However, I will still need to be able to log into their computers from time to time after hours and they usually lock their workstations. This means that, for me to log in, I would either need to know their password (I don't want to) or log in as Admin which boots their user off. I was curious as to how other shops handled these situations. I could change the users password every time I need to go in there but that can be quite bothersome and I'd hate to lose any data on them by booting them off. How do others handle this? Just looking for ideas. It would be ideal if I could just unlock their session with the Admin password but that doesn't seem to be possible.

    Just some quick notes on our environment
    Client OS's: windows xp
    Server: Windows SBS 2003 R2

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    Re: User password management

    In larger places that are attempting to be more professional, it's usually handled thusly: "Log off when you go home or risk data loss." Period. If someone needs their PC to remain logged in overnight, then call it in to IT.

    At smaller places I work at, it seems that you do have to know what people's passwords are. I think it's a necessary evil. If it becomes an issue, then work towards changing the practices at work. Explain the difficulties you're having, see if you can get agreement with the leaders, announce a policy change, then create a hard-edged date when you'll start bumping people off if you have to.

    Either way, methinks someone's going to get bruised in the transition. Growing pains, and all.
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      Re: User password management

      if you wanted to be mean you could restrict their logon hours via AD users and computers