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  • Skype and Windows Messenger

    I gave up using Windows Messenger years ago because I got fed up with friends pestering me every time I went online. But though I deactivated it the wretched icon still appears all the time in the bottom right toolbar. However I had no such trouble when I installed Skype, which I not only use to talk to with web cam to friends, but also for conferences with several members of a club committee. Also I have no problem preventing Skype activating automatically every time I switch on, and am able to activate it only when I want.

    I have now promised a friend to try to make similar sound and video contacts for him with his friend in NZ, who only uses Messenger. But he and others claim they had trouble when they attempted to make use of both systems when both are activated.

    Can anyone inform me how to avoid the two systems clashing with each other if either one is operated? Does the secret lie in making sure NEITHER come on automatically when you switch on. If so how do I prevent Messenger activating until I want to make use of it? I assume I will need to download the latest MS Messenger Software.

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    Re: Skype and Windows Messenger

    Go into options and disable anything that looks like "start automatically" or "logon automatically"

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      Re: Skype and Windows Messenger

      Thanks as suggested I did manage to use Skype of Windows Messenger for awhile but then Messenger started complaining others were not using a later version. On investigation just to cause confusion there appears to be umpteen different Messenger software which is provided by various sites that have nothing to do with Microsoft. Hence no doubt the reason for error warnings others do not have the correct version installed when I try to contact them using any way apart from instant text.

      However I prefer to play safe an only downloaded the latest MS version 5.1 from

      Now I have to persuade others to do likewise to be able to converse with them. I never have any of this silly bother with dear old Skype.


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        Re: Skype and Windows Messenger

        Why not use Windows Live Messenger?? Mine is currently version 2009 (Build 14.0.8089.726).

        That 5.1 download looks like a really old version of the software.


        And before i forget i have skype installed as well and it causes me no problems.