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FREE Internet Monitoring software?

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  • FREE Internet Monitoring software?

    Yes i'm being serious!

    Is there any out there? I know most people use things like ISA/GFi but they are all chargeable. Surely someone must have made one out of the goodness of their heart

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    Re: FREE Internet Monitoring software?

    Originally posted by noob0259 View Post
    Is there any out there?
    I hope you have researched local laws about traffic monitoring.

    You could roll your own system. Use a proxy, Squid is good one on *NIX, and set up log analyzing system to view requested URLs.

    If proxy configuration is too much work, I guess your only viable alternative is to cough up some dough and buy a commercial product.

    Check your firewall vendor. A lot of firewalls have support for monitoring, sometimes it is available as an option.



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      Re: FREE Internet Monitoring software?

      Your title doesn't really jive with your minimalistic post. ISA is not just monitoring software and GFI does so much more than just monitor as well.

      So, you really need to post back and tell us what exactly you are looking for and exactly what you want your freebie application to do.

      Remember that you do get what you pay for and perhaps you could phrase that in the apropriately politically correct way to your boss so you get to keep your job.

      Clark Connect is something I have used previously but based on the info you have provided it may be totally unsuitable for what you are wanting, whatever that is. I only mention it because I found it easy to install and configure (didn't and still haven't RTFM, but I really should. It is a good tool ) Community v5.0 is the free version
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        Re: FREE Internet Monitoring software?

        All users have signed an AUP which states everything is monitored so this wont cause a problem.

        I just want something that will tell me what AD users have visited what sites, not too bothered about blocking the sites but knowing what people are visiting would be good. We currently have a 506 PIX but I dont know if you can monitor on this?



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          Re: FREE Internet Monitoring software?

          i think GFI web Monitor is greatest software ever seen in that category

          samer Sulaiman


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            Re: FREE Internet Monitoring software?

            Problem with that is the FIRST word in the thread title.
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              Re: FREE Internet Monitoring software?

              The thing you probably need is a proxy server.
              Squid might do the job, but you might need to create your own reports.
              There are many other options out there but if you want it free it might become hard to find. Especially if you want some good reporting and so on.
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                Re: FREE Internet Monitoring software?

                I've applied the following solution in a home network:
                Install Sentry Lite on all clients
                Hidden share to log file location
                Control Freak Parent checks logs regularly

                Works fine but time consuming -- probably would not work so well in a corporate environment

                How many users are we talking about?
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