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Sharepoint Services explorer view fails.

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  • Sharepoint Services explorer view fails.


    After successfully setting up a Sharepoint (services 3.0) on Server 2003 x32 I had to make one on a 2008 x64 (std) machine. I used Sharepoint Services 3.0 for x64 and IIS7.

    After the set-up I have a functioning sharepoint except for the explorer view function which I do need. Being one of thousands with this problem I haven't found an answer.

    Clicking the explorer view button results in a page not found error generated by IE8. The logs sometimes display around 10 login attempts in 10 seconds and after a few seconds 10 logoffs. The user will just see explorer loading and ending in page not found. Firefox does the same.

    I have tested this in IE8 on a Win7 client and on the PC itself. I used standard user accounts and have tested with the domain admin account. No results there.

    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    I'm using:
    - Server 2008 std. x64
    - Sharepoint Services 3.0 SP2 x64
    - IIS 7 + .net 3.5 + Application Server + Desktop experience

    Clients are using:
    - Win7 x32 with IE8 / Firefox 3.6


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    Re: Sharepoint Services explorer view fails.

    The trick is not to install Webdav on IIS7, although the explorer view relies on it, installing it will break it.

    With Webdav disabled the explorer view loads, just not in the browser window but in a seperate windows explorer window. This is not what I eventually want. I want all the sharepoint action to occur in the browser windows.

    I have desktop experience installed on my server and web client enabled on the client machine.

    Any pointers?