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Msn Messenger And Sharepoint

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  • Msn Messenger And Sharepoint

    Hi all,

    Can anyone delineate in detail the advantages of using msn messenger in correllation with sharepoint. Not very clear I know...

    as an example: I can see messenger icons in sharepoint for those here that are on it... but what are the advantages ( i need verbage), i know when you right click on the messenger icon, there are specific things that can be done... ie.. send email thru outlook (which we also use), etc. Is there a list somewhere (i doubt it) of advantages, other than its all microsoft and work together (hopefully)?

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    Re: Msn Messenger And Sharepoint

    sorry Im not sure, some companys use messanger for remote desktop when they are on a intranet. I dont think to many orgs are very excited over messenger..


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      Re: Msn Messenger And Sharepoint

      we have removed messenger from our corp networks and even bl;ocked the relevant ports on our ISA servers so even IT cant use it!

      It proliferates viruses and malware. Even unsuspecting.

      I know Reuters uses it in some of its sites to good effect. This is their own product so is completely 'in-house'

      I'd love to bring into place into our company for an added tool but i know two things would happen:

      1. No work.
      2. No work at all.