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Image PC to USB drive?

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  • Image PC to USB drive?

    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of any software out there that would let you image a PC to something like a USB drive as an image, then you could boot up off this software to restore the image to another PC?


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    Re: Image PC to USB drive?

    Download this create a bootable CD and create your image to the USB drive then boot the other PC and restore.
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      Re: Image PC to USB drive?


      I have tried CloneZilla but there is just one problem

      If I have a fresh install of Windows on a 120GB drive it copied the whole 120GB onto my USB pen drive which takes all day. Is there anyway (like Ghost) that only backs up the data used and not the whole partition?

      Thanks again


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        Re: Image PC to USB drive?

        Don't image the disk image the partition, this only images the data on the partition, not the entire partition. So if you have a 10GB partition, with 3.5GB used, your image will be around 3.5GB or less depending on the compression type chosen.