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Renaming Long Filenames

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  • Renaming Long Filenames

    So I buy a lot of CD's to rip and add to my MP3 collection (entirely legal) but, on the odd occasion, the CD isn't recognised by FreeDB so my ripper (audiograbber) produces filenames of "Track 3.mp3" (two spaces) or "Track 13.mp3" (one space) or and no ID tags.

    Now I can get ID tags from filenames and filenames from ID tags quite easily and maybe I'd do that for an album of 10 tracks or so but right now I've ripped an unrecognised 5 CD album of 100 tracks. I can find a list of the tracks on the web but I can't seem to rename them using a batch file where the tracks are stored in separate directories I've called "disc 1", "disc 2" and so on.

    I'm using the following in a batch file:

    ren "disc 1\01 - Track  1.mp3" "Artist Name - Track Name 01.mp3"
    ren "disc 1\02 - Track  2.mp3" "Artist Name - Track Name 02.mp3"
    ren "disc 1\03 - Track  3.mp3" "Artist Name - Track Name 03.mp3"
    ren "disc 1\04 - Track  4.mp3" "Artist Name - Track Name 04.mp3"
    ren "disc 1\20 - Track 20.mp3" "Artist Name - Track Name 20.mp3"
    ... but it doesn't work. I've tried other variations on this as well.

    I'm usually quite good with DOS commands but apparently not so with long file names ... any ideas?

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