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Windows 7 & Belkin Router

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  • Windows 7 & Belkin Router


    i have got two windows 7 computers ( one which is Pro and the other is Home Premium), along with the two computers i have got a belkin wireless router (F5D7230ak4) which connects the computers wirelessly

    The problem is that when i go to transfer data over the network to either computer the router just stops, it still gives out a wireless signal but no internet connection and access to the other computers.

    i have tried wiping the router and starting again, that came with no avail . i have updated the routers firmware and still no avail.

    has anyone got any ideas ?


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    Re: Windows 7 & Belkin Router

    One idea only I'm afraid, throw the Belkin out of a high window and get a decent router.

    I don't like making sweeping generalisations generally, but I have never had a good experience with Belkin kit, and I don't know a single IT Professional who has. I had that model of Belkin for a while and it did exactly the same thing as you describe. I generally go for Netgear kit, as it has a decent balance of price, reliability and functionality.
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      Re: Windows 7 & Belkin Router

      Really sounds like faulty router equipment.

      Not to jump on the belkin hate bandwagon, but the first thing I would recommend to anyone coming to me with that question and saying they are using a belkin would be to replace it with better quality equipment.


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        Re: Windows 7 & Belkin Router

        thank you, for such quick responses!

        i have decided that the router will be going in the bin, dont know what ill replace it with yet, but it is going



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          Re: Windows 7 & Belkin Router

          Have a serious look at Netgear. They have a very nice easy to understand and use GUI.
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