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Recommended software for meetings/attendance

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  • Recommended software for meetings/attendance

    Our GM wants to have a quick overview of where our users are, which meetings they're attending, planned vacations...

    I suggested users enter the data in their Outlook calendars, but was told there's no way she'll open up two-dozen or so shared calendars. SharePoint came to thought, but it seems a bit of an overkill to implement it just for that.

    Any suggestions for a solution, software that would achive someting like this are more then welcome.

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    Re: Recommended software for meetings/attendance

    We do this by having departmental shared calendars. E.g. we have a Technical Work Calendar, a Sales Work Calendar, a shared Holiday Calendar etc. All the scheduling is done from these calanders so all appointments appear in them. Works for us.

    With the ability to open multiple calendars in Outlook 2007 in tabs it makes it very easy to see who's where and when, overlaps, staff shortages etc. No additional cost either which is obviously a bonus.
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      Re: Recommended software for meetings/attendance

      cruachan, thank you I just might go down that route. A couple additional questions before I go about implementing this.

      If a user enters an appointment in their own calendar is it possible for it to automatically be added to a departmental calendar. I doubt they'll add it twice (some users are on Outlook 2003, but we are planning on migrating to 2010 once released)

      Ideally I'd have departmental calendars and an additional master calendar that would include the data from all deparmental. That way I'd have more options as far as configuring permissions.


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        Re: Recommended software for meetings/attendance

        You may also want to look into OpusFlow's GroupCalendar for Exchange.
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