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  • ArcServe help.

    this one is for all of arcserve users...

    i have 2 server in my network that was being backup by arcserve.
    the arcserve was installed on the DC and backup the DC and the SQL server (stand alone).

    now, due some errors i had to uninstall and reinstall arcserve,
    now, i can only backup the DC were it installed on and not the SQL Server.

    i know u might jump and say that i have to install some agent or somthing but
    b4 when it work i havnt install and agent, the sys admin b4 me did somthing,
    dont know if he mapped it as a newtwork drive or mount it somehow but he manage to backup both server throw the network.

    anyone have any ida how it can b done?

    for now i have only one server that being bakedup ! i need to backup the other one asap !

    10x !

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    Re: ArcServe help.

    He may have backed up the SQL database to disk then backed up the backup to tape. I've seen this done.

    As you have mentioned you may need to install an agent to successfully backup SQL, i know you do when you install Backup Exec. This may just be a serial number you need to enter.