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Simultaneous users on XP's VPN

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  • Simultaneous users on XP's VPN

    I have set up an XP pro VPN (XP SP1). Individual users can access it, but when more than one tries to access it at the same time, the second user gets this error message:
    error 937: because another connection of your type is in use, the incoming connection cannot accept your connection request

    My VPN is on a computer that is behind a router with port 1723 forwarded on both TCP and UDP. My VPN assigns IPs between 200 and 249 (for the last number of the ip address).

    Users that can connect have TCP and IPX access. (they can copy files from me as if they are on a LAN)

    I have read on some sites that XP doesn't allow multiple connections but on other sites they say that it does, but needs a bit of fiddling around.

    I am willing to change as many settings as necessary to enable multiple users. If indeed XP cannot allow me to have multiple connections at the same time, then do you know of any programs that can (free or otherwise)?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Simultaneous users on XP's VPN

    As I know, the XP RAS allow only one connection.


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