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Is this even possible...?

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  • Is this even possible...?

    Right now, I'm updating software on the server of a client, running Windows Server 2003. At some point, he says he's going to reboot the server.

    So I log off, and try to make a RDP connection through citrix. I log in, and am pleased to see that everything is working fine.

    However, when I look at the software we installed, it asks for a reboot. This, of course, makes me suspicious, and I ask the customer if he rebooted the server.

    He says that they did, but that the server is installing updates (you know the screen, Installing update x out of 7 million). However, I always thought it was impossible to log on when a computer was installing updates? Especially using a remote desktop connection?

    Did I hack the internet, or did my customer restart the wrong server? I must be missing something here

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    Re: Is this even possible...?

    Please pick a more meaningful thread title in future.

    It's simple enough to check, open up the properties of the NIC and you'll see the connected time which will give you a rough idea of system uptime and you'll know if he did reboot it. You can also check in the Event Logs, off the top of my head there's an Event System event that appears when the system comes up.

    AFAIK if the system is configured for Automatic Updates it doesn't lock out RDP access, the updating happens in the background.
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      Re: Is this even possible...?

      Event Viewer, System, look for ID 6005. This will tell when you the Event Log Service was started.

      Got to a CMD prompt, run SYSTEMINFO and that will give you the System Uptime. It will also tell you what Updates have been installed alone with other, maybe useful info.
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