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SharePoint 3 in Virtual Gets Posted Error IDs

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  • SharePoint 3 in Virtual Gets Posted Error IDs

    Hi all,

    I have a sharepoint 3.0 server which is a virtual machine. Unfortunately it had direct internet access and on dec 2 '09 , some hotfixes got patched and the server rebooted.The server is up but when i login to the server 3.0 central administration,unexpected error occurs saying
    HC not found. (MS.SEARCH.ADMIN.manifest , 1033)

    When i see the event log ,I can see 2 errors repeating ie 6398 and 3760.

    Can anyone help me??


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    Re: Event ID error message 10016


    What you are doing here is known as Hijacking a thread. This is not allowed - start a new thread.
    But before you do, read the post "Before you Post" at the start of the forum, lest you run foul of the forum police (aka the moderators) again!

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      Re: Event ID error message 10016

      I apologize.But i am new to this i cant find how to start a new thread.while searching in this thread i found some related i posted in this thread.But not intentional buddy.


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        Re: SharePoint 3 in Virtual Gets Posted Error IDs

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