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Sharepoint and the 2GB experiences

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  • Sharepoint and the 2GB experiences

    I have a question for those who may have tried to use the Sharepoint (we are using the WSS 3.0) and updated the max file size to 2GB.

    We currently have the max file size set to 100MB (that we had seen is a good max for end user usability.

    We have a single WSS 3.0 box using a Quad Processor, with 2GB of Memory (with Windows 2003 Std, and SQL 2005 Std)

    What I am wondering is has anyone extended the max file to beyond that typical 100MB to a 1-2GB limit, is has anyone had any good/bad experiences with their setup.

    I have seen the blogs regarding what changes need to be added to the IIS (to help with the time outs) and some of the WSS changes. It is more of the notes of how people have experienced the changes.

    My first thoughts is for the request was to see the whole sharepoint calf (to have performance hit rock bottom), and the end users not liking the new changes. Though I am looking here to see if someone may have already gone though this and might be able to share their thoughts.

    We thought that the recommendations would be better set to storing the file on a normal fileshare and hyperlink to in within sharepoint.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Sharepoint and the 2GB experiences

    Thanks, Has anyone ran with this? What kind of hit does the server take, on the back-end as well as user experience?

    Thanks for the input