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  • Connectivity checking software

    I have 4 remote locations (sonicwall on each end connected to main office via VPN). is there a software that will automatically ping each of my 4 firewall IP address (like every 15-30min) to make sure it's up and running and if it's down alert me (via e-mail or txt)
    I know I used something the past but forgot the name of it.
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    Re: Connectivity checking software

    nagios springs to mind - but that's a pretty heavy involvement for just ping checking.

    do your sonicwall devices provide monitoring tools at all ?
    You could even just use SNMP, and if the 'host_down' trap comes in, send an email or sms..

    the things I can think of are mainly for much larger environments.. you don't want something like SiteScope, or Ciscoworks I would think...
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