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    Just a little update on my studies (Server 2008 and areas I am having difficulity with and that area is Active directory and the entire concept of the forest,tree Domain structure). Including the concept of multiple child domains and when to use and benifits of each. Also my old nemisis security issues.

    Probably no suprise I have already earned my "a" but all I can repeat is various acronyms. I cant sit down and describe really whats going on.I am sure Forum members know people recieve "A's" in these classes but still don't know what they are doing. Server 2008 was a continuation of "XP Network Administrator and I actually did recognize some of the terms and concepts taught in XP Administrator.

    We have been allowed to take our mid-terms and finals at a time we want (open book, online).

    I know my schooling is at the very bottom of the ladder in regards to quality (Community College at 150.00 per credit hour and only a adjugent Professor).

    So here what I have concluded, Its all up to me to take this base education and practice,practice,practice as the possibility of attending are real University is just out of my means.

    What really motivated me to write this morning is one of those "jobs in demand" stories on Yahoo. It seems Network or Systems Administrators (take your pick at a title) are listed at a starting salary of $63,000.00. This is pretty disappointing due to the complexity of the studies (and how far this salary goes today) and because I made less as an automechanic (by about 13,000.00) but being an automechanic was way easier.

    My web server is still up and I am daily adding new features and learning web design concepts. Next semester its a little break from hard core IT as I will be taking the "artsy" cousres dealing with color and such (for web design).

    One last thing people, my school offers a group of 5 Cisco courses (labled Cisco 1-5) they are offered online only and they are 5credit hour courses but you are only given 8wks to complete. This "dense" course of study and the short time period to complete has me hesitant,any thoughts? Thanks to all.