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A simple RIS problem??

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  • A simple RIS problem??

    I have a problem using RIS on a Windows 2003 server.

    I can use my PXE boot network card to install the CIW, I can log into my test networks DC, however I come across an error message that there is a duplicate GUID in the directory, and no machine name is listed beside this.

    As it is a test network, I have had the luxury of being able to remove all machines from the active directory bar the DC and the machine I wanted to use RIS on, and still came up with the same error.

    After some research on Technet, I came across an article somewhere that said that the RIS installation created a GUID for the server, and that this could be changed using adsiedit (found on the Windows 2003 installation cd-rom), however this is where the article stopped giving details and left me searching for hours to no avail.

    If somebody can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. As a student, the more basic the information the better. Thanks. :P

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    try to replace the nic in the client
    Good Luck


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      Thanks for the sugestion

      Thanks for the sugesion, but it is a brand new PC, and the nic works fine.

      I know the problem must lie within my RIS server on my test network, and not the client.

      Any other sugestions?


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        Worked it out on my own

        Finally worked it out on my own.

        I got up the guts to play arround on my server and deleted the computer CN=Administrator (because i didn't have a computer with that name on the network). It all worked then.

        Lesson learned: Do not install RIS with the Administrator account, because it uses the user account name in the AD to register the machine name.

        So I made a user account just for the installation and went away with it.


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          Thanks for sharing your solution.
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            Or change the way RIS names PC's to something else. We use a custom one of Letter + MAC Address.
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              Re: A simple RIS problem??

              The problem probably resolves around the naming convention you are using for the 'RIS naming format' (right click the RIS Server in AD, Properties, Advanced Settings and Customise). Try to use something like name of Company and then a number e.g. PETRI%#, this means you will not need to rename the computer afterwards and risk the GUID message popping up again. The default settings are %username%# which is usually translated into Administrator01 before the workstation is renamed.
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