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workstation error with WDS

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  • workstation error with WDS

    I am trying to image a workstation using RIS/WDS. This has worked well for us in the past. I can logon to the server but when I select the image to download, the Client Installation Wizard displays "ERROR: 00000005 - Access is denied. An error has occured on the server. Please contact your administrator"

    I have restarted the WDS service. That made no difference. I also restarted the server. After restart and logging in on the server an error message displayed saying that there was a problem with the Microsoft Single Instance Groveler Service. I found there was a hot fix for this. I have downloaded and applied the hot fix. The server is now OK, but the workstation still displays ERROR 00000005 as above.

    I hope someone can assist me

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    Re: workstation error with WDS

    to the rescue.

    See if any of the link there can help and post back with further questions if it doesn't.
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