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  • Serv-U

    Well guys I am back,heres where I am at. I am trying to setup a account with Easy Web,this company provides already made HTML templets you can modify for use in your web site,I need this for now as my HTML skill are not good.

    Easy Web requires that I need a FTP host so I am using Serv-U for a trial period. It seems I have setup Serv-U correctly (no tech support from Serv-U yet and tech support by phone is $30.00 for the first 10 min and then by the min afterwards.

    My most recent problem comes when I try to setup my Easy Web FTP settings page. I don't know what to enter for

    1.FTP host (I don't know the format they want it entered in)
    2. FTP username (this is probably a name I will create)
    3. FTP password (also a name I will myself create)
    4. Remote Dir (this is probably the path to the place where my HTML files are stored).

    Can anyone offer any help with my settings questions? The answers are probably right in front of my face but I dont realise it.

    In the least you can say I am sticking with it but it is hard to work through this without technical support,the companies are not so friendly in helping you setup their software even though Serv-U is $195.00 a year.

    I had no sucess with FileZilla so no one needs to suggest that. Thanks to all

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    Re: Serv-U

    OK guys I finally figured out how to make a correct user account inside of Serv-U and now I can get to my site and edit my pages. I new it had to be something simple I was overlooking.


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      Re: Serv-U

      Would you care to tell us what you had to do, to save future readers the $30 ?
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        Re: Serv-U

        Sure I will tell,it doesn't make me look so smart but OK. I was simply not creating my user account for Easy Web correctly (like not at all) I did not realise that you had to create a account for every place you want to download from.

        I inputed the same values and paths I used when I created my Easy Web account inside of Serv-U on the Easy Web FTP host setup page.

        I put the names and passwords and path to my htdocs folder into the Easy web FTP host setup page and it connected with my server and a list of HTML pages inside my server appeared and it asked me which one do I want to edit.

        One thing with Easy Web is it likes to edit existing web pages not create totally new ones. But Easy Web says it can creat totally new pages but I have not found out how yet.

        With Easy Web I can import documents from Word 2007 and images from where I have them stored,insert text,change fonts,colors,I just have to do it with a existing page for now.

        So my problem was not setting up my user account inside Serve-U correctly and thinking someone else would provide me with the data to setup Easy Web with when all the time it was me that created the data (except for IP's of course).


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          Re: Serv-U

          Thanks for posting back with that. You may think it makes you look silly but I am of the opposite view. A smart person admits their mistake so:
          1. others learn from it
          2. you remember it. I can guarantee that you will never make that error again.

          So, Thank You for posting back with your solution and sharing it with several thousand of your fellow members and the many thousands more who read the threads. :coke: :coke: (I think you may be to young for )
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