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create host header file in tomcat

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  • create host header file in tomcat

    we are using tomcat 5.5 on a windows 2k3 server. we are using tomcat internally and want to open the application up to the outside world.

    our issue is that we have IIS6 running on the box and it is using port 80 & 8080. We created port 8085 for it to use internally.
    the problem is that you have to put the port name /(application) to access it...

    we want to open the site to the outside. but it only work if you put the server ip address/port/application.

    we believe we need a host header or an edit in the index.xml file to get it to work properly. I am NOVICE at all of this so any help would be great.. Also a sample index file would work..

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    Re: create host header file in tomcat

    Maybe I am mistaken, but this post seems very similar to another you have recently made about Apache & II6. You know the rules about double posting.
    1 1 was a racehorse.
    2 2 was 1 2.
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