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IIS and Tomcat 5.5

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  • IIS and Tomcat 5.5

    we have a win 2k3 server that has II6 running on it. We also recently added this other software that uses Apache tomcat 5.5 as it own web server.

    we are trying to set this server up with Apache pointing outward throught the fire wall on an SSL connection so outside users can get to the application from home.

    Is there any conflicts with running apache tomcat and IIs6 on the same box?
    if so how do we do that?

    how do i get my server to redirect to the SSL port by not having to type a port number?


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    Re: IIS and Tomcat 5.5

    the only conflict woudl be if both servers (iis and tomcat) both want to listen on the same port.

    your server will redirect to port 443 automatically if the clients use https://
    unless i'm misunderstanding your question.
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