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Creating a image for each Adobe writer

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  • Creating a image for each Adobe writer


    I am trying to create a image (ghost or Acronis) with Adobe writer in it. My company has already purchased enough license for each one. I wonder how I can do it when we open Adobe, it'd prompt for entering license number.


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    Re: Creating a image for each Adobe writer

    Presumably then, the serial key has to be entered during installation, rather than afterwards?

    What have Adobe support said on this?
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      Re: Creating a image for each Adobe writer

      I'm would be a little curious as to why you would want it so that users within a company have to enter in a license key when they run the software? If it's to control who uses the software, there's better ways of controlling its use.

      Regardless, look at the Adobe Customization Wizard. It's Adobe's own tool for creating custom installations, I use it and it works well. From there, you can pre-make installations that ask or don't ask questions. You can then install Adobe such that upon first run is asks for a key. I use it to slim-down Acrobat installations so that they don't include all of the AIR and bloat, and also so each client isn't trying to check for updates, isn't asked to accept the EULA, etc. Great little tool. You can either modify the .msi itself, or generate an .mst transform (both of which play well with GPO).

      One last thing I might add, just because I just went thought this myself, try to avoid pre-installing programs in images as much as possible. If Adobe is pre-installed, and you ever need to update or upgrade it, then you're left having to do funky command-line scripts to uninstall the current version. Use GPO's software management features if you can, then installing/upgrading becomes much easier. But I don't know your situation so maybe this doesn't fit for you.