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  • Client Monitoring Program

    Does anyone have any recommendations on any computer monitoring software. I have a client that has requested to monitor a few people to see what website they are visting and what they are doing ona day to day basis. They are affraid they are playing more that working.

    Anyone have any suggestions on program that they have personally used?

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    Re: Client Monitoring Program

    to monitor website usuage, you could setup a global proxy.. however that's alot of work for what may be a small group of users.

    you could install vnc or something like that, make sure they don't need to request permission to connect, and just look now and then.
    that's a big privacy issue though in my mind..
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      Re: Client Monitoring Program

      you might have a look at
      it is reasonably priced.


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        Re: Client Monitoring Program

        If it's only web sites that you want to monitor, check the firewall to see if it can watch an individual user. You could give them a static IP or DHCP reservation and then watch that internal IP's activities from within the firewall. Most firewalls shold be able to do that most rudimentary of auditing.

        You could port-mirror the switch port that their workstation is connected to and pump all the mirrored data into a monitoring program or even just set up some kind of capture filter in Microsoft Network Monitor. Kinda low-tech and lots of manual watching, but it would get the job done.
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