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Computer Freezes (tried everything!)

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  • Computer Freezes (tried everything!)

    Windows 2000 box is freezing up. Formatted and reinstalled, froze on windows update. Swapped out different hard drives, memory cards, NIC, and ran hardware diagnostics. Changed fans and added additional fans. So for the most part I've eliminated OS and most removable hardware, and I've tried setting it up in a different room with monitor, mouse, keyboard. All attempts it still freezes. So I think maybe motherboard?......Any other ideas anybody's ran across? Oh and one more thing it does seem to freeze up on the internet a lot (but not all the time), is there something funky with Internet Explorer that could make it freeze up?

    (Yes it has all the patches, spyware, and virus programs up to date)

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    Could also be the Processor. Is it an Intel or AMD?
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      It is an AMD processor. Do they have a history of that problem? Can you replace just the processor or do you have to replace the whole motherboard?


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        It could be a problem of processor over heat.
        Clean the cooling unit that seats on top of the processor with a vacuum cleaner
        A new fan that seat on top of the cooling unit can also help to reduce the heat on the processor.