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Cloning SATA - 1 to Many Software

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  • Cloning SATA - 1 to Many Software

    I wondered if anyone is aware of some software that would allow me to clone a master HDD to many Slave drives. We currently use Symantec Ghost and Casper XP, but these only allow 1 to 1.
    HDD Duplicators are way too expensive for us to purchase so the plan is to build our own with a motherboard with more SATA connections that we can clone to at the same time.

    Hope you can decipher the above


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    Re: Cloning SATA - 1 to Many Software

    HDClone maybe. I use the free edition to make single clones, but the Enterprise edition allows creating multiple copies.

    As always, don't forget to keep track of your licence usage when cloning a drive.
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      Re: Cloning SATA - 1 to Many Software

      Is this for imaging end user systems with a standard build? If so you could just use WDS to capture an image of the source system as it allows installation to multiple target machines at the same time. This of course assumes you use Windows Server 2003 or higher.
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        Re: Cloning SATA - 1 to Many Software

        Thanks for your suggestions, HDClone looks good, will research into it.

        Many sites we work on do not have a network in place capable of WDS. If it has, then Symantec Ghost works fine. Alot of sites have to be disk to disk, which is why i needed a different software.