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LCS 2005 issue

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  • LCS 2005 issue

    Hi All,

    I do apologize if I put the thread in wrong place but I believe that this group would be the best to ask a question regarding LCS 2005...

    I do have running LCS 2005 (Standard SP1) but ongoing network integration project caused one problem. Server is installed on 10.10.x.x network and MSN 5.1 is working fine from here.

    But when logging in from new 192.168.x.x users are getting "Signing into SIP Service failed because the service is temporary unavailable..". All network communiction seems to be ok - from client I can telnet server's port 5060, servers logs are showing that the communication is established (registration attempt is completed, but server is closing connection after few seconds..).

    Is there anything I am missing? How I can troubleshot this issue? From network point of view everything seems to be ok, but from whatever reason client is unable to login.

    Your help is more than welcome.


    2nd Issue:
    BTW - logging service on LCS stopped working after one day and re-enabling it does not solve the problem.