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Opinions on ITIL?

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  • Opinions on ITIL?

    Lately I've been seeing more job postings looking for ITIL experience. Does anyone here have experience with it? Opinions on it?
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    Re: Opinions on ITIL?

    As is typical with all the IT nomenclature out there ITIL is the new buzz word for business enablement. Myself personally im a big big fan of ITIL. Mine is relatively old as i did my certification some years ago. But the certification does go a long way in large enterprises looking for people with managerial or process/service delivery skills. ITIL is purely a set of best practices that encourages a strong alignment between your business model/strategy and your IT service delivery.

    These days systems are business critical meaning there must be a number of process's or methods in place to ensure the business is getting maximum ROI, a good TCO and that IT is enabling the business to achieve its goals. For too long historically you have IT admins/managers that have zero business acumen or awareness of the business's needs and push forward with technologies that arent warranted and arent required. This culture has encouraged an us and them scenario whereby IT has a bad reputation with stakeholders who see it as an unnessesary expense (until things go wrong). ITIL helps you to take a more hollistic approach to IT governance in regards to service delivery with a process/method driven approach that is adaptable to the needs of the business.

    Because its a set of standard practices akin to ISO in some respect much like PRINCE it carries alot of weight in the current market.