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Write caching on a server

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  • Write caching on a server

    I know that I can enable write caching to speed up disk performance (which seems like it's the biggest bottleneck on my system) but should I?

    Is it okay to enable write cache on a server? I am running a RAID 1 and have a very good UPS.


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    Re: Write caching on a server

    As you have battery backup, I would say you would be ok. What network services or functions does the server have?
    Edit Another thought, ask yourself what can be corrupted should the server power cable malfunction or if it would fall out or the PSU fail. Do you have two PSUs etc


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      Re: Write caching on a server

      Well I guess all of them (this is the only server)! This is a home setup and I am just running AD for fun and to learn group policy, etc. Doing daily backups so really not a big deal I guess if something happens (not a mission critical machine).

      Only 1 PSU.

      So basically the main thing is that its the DC and DNS server.


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        Re: Write caching on a server

        What is running on the server?
        Be very careful with database applications as a power failure could leave transaction logs unwritten (lost in cache) when the dB thinks they have been written - this is well documented in SQL Server hardware specification, for example

        Sorry, crossed with previous post
        IF not mission critical, there should be no problems
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          Re: Write caching on a server

          Great, thanks!