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Image files continuously become corrupt on our file server

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  • Image files continuously become corrupt on our file server

    On our file server that everyone has access too we have a photo folder and pictures from company events etc. go in here, I have been noticing over that past few years that when I try to access random images that they won't have a thumbnail and when i try to open they are corrupt. I have tried googling but can really find an answer.
    I have no idea why this is happening. Any ideas? here is the error.

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    Re: Image files continuously become corrupt on our file server

    With the fantastic amount of detail provided, we can tell you... nothing at all.

    What diagnostics have you already tried?

    Operating system of the server, service pack, and if it's fully up to date?

    What OSes are installed on clients accessing the server?

    Domain environment? Workgroup?

    Does this only happen to files in one share, or multiple shares? One folder or multiple folders? Only Jpeg format files, or other images? Only images or other types of file?

    Any problems in the server event log or hardware logs? Are you using RAID on the server?

    What antivirus and other security software?

    Any other details you feel may be relevant?

    Have a read...
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      Re: Image files continuously become corrupt on our file server

      lol, I am so sorry; the fileserver was on a Windows Server 2000 Service pack 3 [i think]when it first started having images go corrupt, since then I have moved the file server files to a new server and the details on that are as follows: Windows Server Standard 2008
      Service Pack 1
      Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processor 2350 2.00 GHz (2 processors)
      8.00 GB Memory
      64-bit Operating System

      Even though I have move them to this new server the issue is still happening.

      All of my users systems are xp pro
      Our environment is a domain.
      This seems to only happen on this drive the entire drive is shared some files on the drive are only accessable by certain people, we are using a sonicwall tz170 and Nod32 antivirus, this happens to any image file format. I am sorry to be so vague this has been one of the least of my issue but I have finally time for it and really need to find out why it is happening. There is really no pattern to it so it would be hard to do a test file as there are plenty of image files that this does not happen to. it seems to happen to older dated ones ie. 2002, 03, 04, 05