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Norton Ghost Hardware Independent Cloning

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  • Norton Ghost Hardware Independent Cloning

    Hi , i m trying for Norton Ghost Cloning which wud be independent of Target Systems Hardware ... ( HAL and Storage Controller driver ) irrespective of the Source Cloned Image ...

    As we know Images of computers running Microsoft Windows cannot simply be restored to different hardware as Windows will typically fail at boot time with a STOP: 0x0000007B if the proper Microsoft Hardware Abstraction Layer Hardware_Abstraction_Layer (HAL) and/or storage drivers are not installed in the at boot time .

    Acronis allows for the same via their Acronis Universal Restore addin to True Image Echo Enterprise product by injecting the Required HAL and Storage Controller Drivers while Cloning Target PC ,s

    So, is this same possible by Ghost ... via any scripts or just anything ... or by any BartPE plugin .... ??????

    Secondly ... any possible conversions from GHO ( Ghost Imaging Format ) to TIB ( Acronis Imaging Format ) and VMDK to TIB

    Thanks ...
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    Re: Norton Ghost Hardware Independent Cloning

    Which version of Microsoft Windows are you refering too? Vista supposedly doesn't have this problem though I haven't tried it myself. Will wait another 2 weeks and try it on another O/S.

    If you run SYSPREP when pulling a Ghost image then you can configure SYSPREP to remove the troublesome drivers.

    As for the conversion programs GHO to TIB, highly unlikely and I haven't gone Googling. That is like getting Mac OSX running on a IBM laptop.....oh wait, I have done that.
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