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Tape Drive error!!

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  • Tape Drive error!!

    hi everybody for the past 2 weeks am facing this problem with my new HP DDS tape drive that i installed on my IBM server,its connected to a scsi controller,my windows 2000 server detects the new tape drive and installs the drivers required automatically,now when i try to take a backup i get this message ''Drive Error:the device reported an error on a request to write data to media,error reported-timeout before function completed.
    i need to get this problem fixed as soon as possible can u all try to help me fix this problem.thanks in advance!!
    You can check the printscreen error window in the file attached!!
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    Last time I saw that message was when the Tape Drive was stuffed. Got a brand new drive and it all worked.
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      i tried installing a new tape drive only to come across the same error message,the same tape drive works on other server without any problem.