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Added 73 gig SCSI to Dell box with existing 80 gig Ultra ATA

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  • Added 73 gig SCSI to Dell box with existing 80 gig Ultra ATA

    I just installed a second hard drive(scsi) with XP as my OS. Should I make the scsi my boot drive and move the programs to this drive, if yes, then how to. The main purpose of the scsi is for home video editing with Pinacle Studio 8. Then, should the scsi be set as basic or dynamic, and...if I already set the scsi as dynamic is there an easy way to set as basic or do I reformat. I think you get the big picture.

    Warmest regards,
    -Bill Parsons
    Redding, CA

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    I would be inclined to leave the 80Gb as the boot and use the SCSI for video editing. I don't think it would be worth the troble of moving the O/S and apps off the ATA to the SCSI. I don't know how Pinacle works but it may be worth installing that on the SCSI. You could try moving the Paging file to the SCSI for a performance boost.

    Basic Storage Versus Dynamic Storage in Windows XP

    Convert to Basic and Dynamic Disks in Windows XP Professional;en-us;309044

    Lastly, I hope you have oodles of RAM. I run XP with 512Mb as a minimum. When I start video editing I will be looking at least 1Gb, possible 2Gb.
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