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Internet Explorer 7 Can't Display Home Page

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  • Internet Explorer 7 Can't Display Home Page

    browser = Internet Explorer 7
    workstation = Windows Vista SP1 (upgraded to SP2 while troubleshooting this).

    This is affecting an entire office of about a dozen users.

    Users cannot get to our main page, in Internet Explorer 7. For whatever reason, they will not upgrade to 8.

    They can get to other web pages in, such as and works in Firefox. Also, if we bring a laptop running Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 into their office, everything works.

    Resetting the Internet Explorer setting to default did not resolve this issue (Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced (tab) --> Reset (button)).

    The error when trying to access is:

    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
    Most likely causes:
    • You are not connected to the Internet
    • The website is encountering problems
    • There might be a typing error in the address
    Has anyone seen this before?

    Note: Although this is a University department, they are a remote office. Until a few months ago, they had their own Windows admin/desktop guy. They are not part of our Active Directory; they have their own. They are not part of our office L.A.N., although we are open to them for certain services (such as e-mail). They have their own D.H.C.P. server. Long story short, for the past 10 years, they didn't want to pay my department for support, but still expected some support from us. That's another story. Now that their guy has moved on, we have to support them. So I'm not quite sure how they are set up.

    PS - was added to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer, but this did not resolve the issue.
    The only entries the hosts file are " localhost" and "::1 localhost"
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    Re: Internet Explorer 7 Can't Display Home Page

    Is the site hosted locally or remote from the office???

    Is the domain name the same as

    If its yes then add an A record for www and point it to your external host.

    If not then do you have a proxy server involved anywhere???


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      Re: Internet Explorer 7 Can't Display Home Page

      Since the outside laptop works, I'm wondering if it has something pre-cached, or some setting the other computers don't. Or the other way around, where the pre-existing computers have something that it doesn't (e.g. corrupt cache, looking at old info, etc).
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        Re: Internet Explorer 7 Can't Display Home Page

        Do you have a Proxy Server running anywhere that may have or may need this Doman removed or added to the exclusion list?
        Is there an exclusion or proxy setting on IE that needs to be modified?
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