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Websites in INTRANET

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  • Websites in INTRANET

    In Our office we are using nearly 15 WebSites for the business. In this case we cannot able to remeber all the site Links.
    In my friends office if they want to open webmail means they will just type outlook in thier IE. That will automatically routed to the Webmail Link. Like this for all the applications Like CRM, BOSS and etc.. they are using this technique which will be more easy to use the sites.
    My Question: How this can be done? I need to implement the same in my office.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Websites in INTRANET

    Are these 15 sites on the same web server. If so, how do you have them distinguished from one another: ip address, host header, port number?

    Are they on different web servers?

    Depending on your answers to the above you could create DNS A or CNAME records that correspond to the ip address of each site. For instance, create a A or CNAME record called "Outlook" that points to the ip address of OWA.