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Restrict MSN messenger contacts

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  • Restrict MSN messenger contacts

    Similar to my previous post the company I work for has decided after banning MSN messenger and after trying to adopt LAN specific IM programs, they decided to keep MSN messenger but restrict it to internal LAN only. Basically I been asked to restrict users from contacting anyone not authorized with MSN.

    IM manager from Symantec looks like it will allow me to prevent users from MSNing unauthorized people but is a little over what wed want to spend at $42 per user (30 users). Does anyone know of any other programs that will allow us to do this? The less complex setup the better.

    We looked at Office communicator but the cost is an issue, plus were in the process of merging our active directory with our parent company and dont want to deal with the added hassle of integration right now.


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    Re: Restrict MSN messenger contacts

    So they want to use IM internally, but want to use one from an external source? Doesn't make sense.

    Use OpenFire for a free IM server internally, with Spark as the IM client.

    It can hook into AD so that it automatically creates IM accounts when you create AD accounts (it uses AD for authentication, so it's the same login / password), and there's ways to access the internal IM network from outside if needed.

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