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Help regard deleting logs with MSSQL 7

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  • Help regard deleting logs with MSSQL 7


    Server specs are:
    Windows 2k SP4
    Dual processor Compaq DL360 G1 with 2G RAM 800Mhz PIII
    SQL 7
    2 18Gigs HD in RAID 1 setup.
    2 partitions C: (4.88 Gigs, free 1.8 ) and D: (12.0 Gigs, free 488 megs)

    SQL is configured on partition D:, all program files and data is on this partion too. I noticed the LDF of a particulary database that's dedicated to a helpdesk software seems like grew up desproportionally (it is about 6 gigs large). As a system admin, I usually get rid of the logs just assuring we backup databases and this cleans logs. The problem is that the way former admins did backups was just file level (or "brick level"?) backups. Of course this caused the log to grow more than 10 times the size of the database itself.

    I tried to do a backup of the database using enterprise manager, but it doesn't allow me to do a backup to a mapped drive or UNC path (I.E. \\server\drive), and there is not enough space left on the local disks.

    Question is: What do I have to do to have this fixed? Ntbackup doesnt seem to see SQL so, this is also out of question. Also, for suggestions, I would like to know what impact it would have anything that I do.

    Database itself grows slowly, but I dont want to wait until is full to take measures. Thanks for any suggestions.
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